The Barnyard, Highway, Wiltshire, SN11 8SR

Our Animals


Katie is a grey face Dartmoor with a coat of ringlet wool. She is very affectionate with an endearing character and she will approach anyone. She also likes having a little scratch on the head.


This little Ouessant ram is an expert at Houdini type escapism, hence his name.
Magic loves to be around children with his partner in crime, Midnight. Both enjoy long walks on the lead and love the company of other animals and people.


This little goat is very independent. He likes to stand back and observe. He is not adverse to the odd treat and eats with impeccable manners!

Rodney and Fred

Fred comes from Wales and he can be really stubborn at times, however they are both amiable characters and they are inseparable. They love to play all day long, to the amusement of the other animals. Rodney did not have the best start in life but now he is enjoying the carefree life he has at Highway.


One of the two true pigmy goats! Small in stature but big on personality. Daisy is slightly more reserved but once she gets to know you, she is your friend for life.


This is second true pigmy goat! Small in stature but big on personality. Dancer is one of the first to come running when anyone approaches the enclosure.


A real charmer, with an eye for the ladies, this alpaca will have him eating out of your hand in no time. He enjoys long walks on the lead and is very sociable.


Jack (the Shetland pony). Watch your toes with this one, cause he likes a good nibble. He will even try to steal your food! He thinks he is larger than he is.


This Indian Runner Duck is the most adorable, loving creature alive. She will give you the best cuddle in the world and never fails to brighten your day and make you smile.

The Geese

Our alarm clocks and intruder alarms! Nothing gets by unnoticed by them!