The Barnyard, Highway, Wiltshire, SN11 8SR

Haigha’s Form

More Details

The Haigha’s Form contains a small but well-equipped kitchen area, as well as dining tables and a cosy hangout zone with comfy sofas and – coming soon – a woodburning stove! At 5 metres by 9 metres inside, the tent is roomy enough to never feel crowded but small enough to avoid being cavernous and draughty, and with sparkly fairy lights and a sheltered outside area if the weather gets dubious, we think it is the perfect companion to our existing bell tents and shepherds huts.

The tent will offer a communal area for guests staying in Highway Hill accommodation, on a tiered cost system depending on whether you would like exclusive access or shared access. Shared access, in which multiple groups might be using the space as well as your group, can be bought for £25 for up to two nights or £50 for up to four nights. If you would prefer to ensure that only your group is using the tent, you can pay £50 for up to two nights and £100 for up to four nights.

We think this space is perfect for groups who are booking more than one accommodation unit but who want to have an indoor space for hanging out and making food together. The tent is also particularly useful for guests staying in bell tents, as these do not have their own proper cooking facilities and guests otherwise have to use the office kitchen (a short walk away) or the stove in their tent (which can also be very effective, but some guests might find it fiddly).

Finally, you can even hire the tent on its own for events, activities, or courses. This space would be perfect for cookery demonstrations or workshops, for example – the kitchen units are easy to wheel around, and we can work with you to arrange additional equipment if necessary. The charge for hiring the tent on its own is £100 per day.


Please don’t hesitate to contact the office on 01249 760 488 or to make your booking.